Why Does My Husband Make Appointments for Sex?
ImageMy husband always has to "make an appointment" for sex I get tired of it always being planned in advance.

Is there a way that I came get him to be more spontaneous? This has become a major turn off for me.

Image I wonder, does he run his entire life on a schedule, or only his sex life? Iím not against scheduling sex, but certainly not every time. There should at least be a balance between spontaneous sex and planned sex. If he has the type of personality where he plans out every last second of his day, you might have a problem getting him to change. What I might suggest is that you make more use of fantasy when having sex with him. If you can close your eyes and pretend that ... well Iíll let you make up your own erotic fantasy, then that might help you to get more aroused and make the entire experience more of a turn on for you.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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