How Can I Prevent Hurting My Girlfriend?

ImageMy lover and I experience difficulties during sex. Especially when she is on top.

She says that it hurts and it feels like it is going in too deep. I would like to say that I am huge, but I am not much longer than 6.5 inches. Also her clitoris is so sensitive that after hand stimulation, she starts to feel pain before she can climax. She has only had one orgasm her whole life and I am trying to find a way to help her out but it is hard when she can't do it on top, and it starts to hurt when I handle her clitoris.

Imagehere are two advantages to the female superior position. One is that the woman is in charge and can control how deeply the man's penis penetrates her. Since she is feeling pain, it seems to me that you are thrusting upwards instead of letting her decide how deep she wants to be penetrated. So by keeping your body still, you should be able to overcome that issue. The other advantage is that the man can manipulate the woman's clitoris during intercourse as his hands are free, as opposed to when he is on top and needs his hands to support himself. But you say that she can't take very much clitoral stimulation, at least with your fingers.

One possible cause for this would be insufficient lubrication. You could try to reach inside of her vagina to get some of her lubrication onto her clitoris, or you could use some saliva on your finger or a lubricant that you buy in the drug store or employ oral sex, as the tongue isn't as hard as a finger and there is plenty of lubricant in the form of your saliva.

My last suggestion is to try the side by side position. In this position the man's hands are free, but it is less "acrobatic" and so perhaps it will be easier for both of you to control how much penetration she receives. And again, by using some form of lubrication you might be able to limit the pain she feels. Try some or all of these suggestions and let me know how it turns out.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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