Too Much Sex at Sixty?
ImageDr. Ruth, I am a white male just turning 60 and have a wonderful Sweetheart that I have just become sexually active with.

We have known each other for over 12 years and have admired each other over the years but she was married to a good friend ---he died and six months later we are hitting it off like teenagers. She is 49 and we have sex for one, two or three hours a day five days a week and this has been going on for about six months with little let up. When spending the night together it's sex before going to sleep then sex at three AM then sex at seven. We can't seem to get enough of each other and each time it seems better. Both of us can't believe the sexual relationship is so wonderful and that we continue to have sex at the pace we are on. So why am I sending you this? I just want you to know that age does not slow a person down when the match of two healthy people is so perfect. Sex is the best it has ever been in our lifetime! There is a question and was wondering if there is such a thing as too much sex?

ImageYou didn't have to tell me that sex can be great at any age, but I am very glad that you wrote as it give you and I the opportunity to let others know. Despite the image that is presented by the media, sex is not only for the young. In fact, if your girlfriend is post-menopausal so that you're not worried about causing an unintended pregnancy, and if your careers are in a stable state so that you don't have to work long hours and if you are sharing a love nest without any children to spoil your privacy, it's quite understandable that sex could be better than ever.

I don't believe that the two of you are having too much sex. The only time that I would say people are having too much sex is if it is interfering with the rest of their life, but that is not the case with the two of you. My only cautionary note is to point out that the two of you are obviously still in the "honeymoon" stage. In all probability, at some point, the pace at which you have sex will slow down. But a slowdown doesn't mean the end of your sex life, which hopefully the two of you can enjoy well into old age.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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