He Fell Asleep

Image I have a friend who met a new guy last night. While they were having sex, he fell asleep. Sound asleep. This seems very strange to me. Any suggestions?



ImageMy main suggestion to your friend is not to have sex with someone she just met. That he fell asleep may well have been one of the better outcomes. And the lack of knowledge that she had about him means that I have too little to go on to say very much. If she met him in a bar, he could have had too much to drink and thatís why he fell asleep. And if she also had too much to drink, then who knows whether they used any form of protection and asleep or not asleep, he could have impregnated her or given her some sexually transmitted disease. Or if he goes out in search of a new woman every night, he may have fallen asleep from a lack of sleep. But if he sleeps with a different woman every night, then you can almost bet that he has some nasty social diseases, and some of them, such as herpes, can be transmitted even if a condom was used. There are people who have a medical condition that makes them fall asleep at any time and it is out of their control. But thatís a rare condition and Iíd bet itís one of the other two reasons that made him fall asleep. All I hope for your friend is that he slept like a baby and didnít make one.

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