Why Is My Boyfriend So Interested in My Past?
ImageMy boyfriend keeps asking me how many partners I have had in the past and I do not want to tell him because he is not involved in my past.

I am very stressed out and I really do not like talking about it. He says he needs to know so that if anything comes up by surprise he will already know, but I do not think that is a good enough reason. How do I get him to leave this subject alone once and for all? Or should I just tell him some of my past so he will shut up?

ImageI am not for revealing too much about oneís past. Number one, it invites comparison, and nobody gains by that. And then, where do you draw the line? Once this topic is in the open, itís like Pandoraís Box. Heíll want to know their names. If they were good in bed. What you did with them. If you tell him the topic is off the board, then thatís that. Telling him a little is unlikely to satisfy him. Now if youíve slept with half the men in town, or a good number of men that he knows and the subject is going to come up, you might have to tell him a few things in order to assure that he doesnít get a nasty surprise. But if youíve had relatively few lovers and they donít travel in the same circle that heís likely to meet, then thatís just not an issue. If you want, you can tell him that you asked me and I said that itís like playing with fire and advised against it so that neither one of you gets burned.†

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