Changing My Sex Life to How it Used to be
ImageI am a 26 year old woman who is going to have her 3rd baby in about a week. My sex life with my husband is not at all like it was in the beginning.

I know a lot of it right now has to do with getting ready to have a baby, but before we became pregnant again I was feeling like this. He tries to turn me on, but my body has changed so much after having the children.

Image Is it your body that has changed or your life? Children are great but they add stress to your life, take away lots of free time, remove a lot of your privacy, and can definitely put a damper on your sex life. The most important thing is to not let the children get in between you and your husband. If you blame your loss of libido, i.e. arousal, on your body, then that gives you an excuse to avoid sex. But if you put the blame on your lifestyle, where I believe it belongs, then youíre faced with the challenge of doing something about it. Now you canít get rid of the children, nor would you want to. And your life is going to get even more stressed out by having a new baby. But what you can do is make your relationship more of a priority. What you need are some moments to charge up the battery of that relationship. So when youíre ready to start up your sex life again after the baby is born, get someone, like grandparents, to sit for you, and go to a motel, even if itís only for a few hours, and get reacquainted. And then make sure that you do things like that regularly throughout the year, be it for an evening or a weekend. The memories of those special moments will keep the relationship going for a long time, but not forever, just as the memories of the early years of your relationship have lost most of their power. But if you keep renewing the relationship, it can last forever.†

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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