Why is There a Need for Porn?
Image My husband cannot live without watching porn and masturbating. We have been arguing about this issue a lot.

We have a normal sex life, which both of us enjoy but he says he has to do this for his own satisfaction. I think if someone has a satisfied sex life there is no need for porn and more when he does it behind my back. He has cut back a lot since but he continues to do this. I love him very much but cannot bear the thought of him watching other women and masturbating as well.

ImageCertainly he is exaggerating when he says he cannot live without masturbating, on the other hand, what you find to be ďnormalĒ may not be sufficiently satisfying to him. Have you offered to have sex more often, or add some variety to your sex life? While I can understand that you donít appreciate the competition of porn, itís possible that you would prefer having him masturbate to spending the extra time it would take to have sex with him. People are not Siamese twins and so itís natural to have different sexual appetites. To work out an acceptable middle ground will take some compromises on the part of both partners. And such compromises have to be reached within the reality of the entire relationship. So if your relationship has some sourness to it, then thatís likely to make you resent his activities even more. For example if you donít feel that he is doing his share of the household duties, then youíre going to be less likely to cut him some slack in this area. But while you need to talk about this and work out some compromises, the final outcome may not be that he agrees to stop such practices entirely. If thatís the case, then I think that you both need to put a little distance between yourselves on this topic. He needs to be more discreet and you need to give him some privacy which will help you to push these thoughts out of your head. If you dwell on them, it will only make the situation worse.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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