Is My Age To Blame?

ImageI am a woman who recently turned 55 years young! I have no other women friends or relatives my own age and have no one to ask this question to. Last week I did ask my doctor during my yearly physical exam and his answer was that it's normal in the aging process which depresses me very much!

I have noticed my orgasms the last couple of months are not as intense. To describe it, is like a firecracker that goes off but dies out before it gets off the ground. Is this what I have to look forward to the rest of my life or is there possibly a problem? I am a woman who does enjoy sex and would hate to know this is all I have left to enjoy! I hope you can give me some answers to my problem. Thank you

ImageSex does lose its intensity for both men and women, as they grow older, but there are also ways of fighting back. You and your partner may be used to having sex in a particular way. Boredom, as well as age, can make sex less intense. So adding some creativity to your sex life might bring you more intense orgasms, at least some of the time. Also, if you are worrying about the intensity of your orgasm, then those worries may have the effect of making your orgasms less intense. Again, variety might help you because if you are doing "it" a new way or in a new place, then that might distract you from worrying about the intensity of your orgasm, which in turn may free you to have a more intense orgasm. Finally, you may require more stimulation than you did previously in order to have an orgasm. You might want to try a vibrator and see what happens. If a vibrator restores the intensity of your orgasmic response, then incorporating the use of a vibrator into your sexual life may become a key variation that you can add to your sex life. 

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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