My husband works 12 hour days and sex is usually a "no-go"
Image My husband works 12 hour days and is usually very tired when he gets home. Normally he has enough energy to eat dinner, finish working and then go to bed. Therefore, sex is normally a no go!!!! This wouldn't bother me so much if he didn't masturbate in the morning. After he masturbates he doesn't want sex as much that evening or if we do have sex he doesn't cum. I don't have a problem with masturbation I do it myself but I don't choose it over the real thing! Itís really turning into an ugly cycle; sure masturbating is easier then having sex when youíre tired but come on!!! Do you have any suggestions?

Image Let me offer you one piece of practical advice, which is to schedule when youíre going to have sex. Maybe if he knows that you two have a date to have sex that evening, he wonít masturbate in the morning and then heíll be ready to go that night. Or else you could set your alarm for half an hour earlier and have sex before he gets up to go to work. You donít have to do that every day, but again, maybe if you put having sex in your morning schedule from time to time, that could work. (Having sex in the morning might be helpful if heís used to having sexual release in the morning, and particularly as the level of testosterone, the male sex hormone, is highest in the morning.)

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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