My girlfriend is 52 and I buy sexy lingerie for her from time to time. Am I wrong?
Image I buy my girlfriend sexy lingerie for her to wear from time to time. She is 52 and has a great body and nice legs, I love her the way she is but I donít think there is anything wrong with me wanting her to wear sexy lingerie once in a while. Iím just trying to spice up our sex life. I also like it when she wears black nylons, Am I wrong?

Image Many women at your girlfriendís age have some body image problems. No matter how good she looks to you, her body has changed and she may not feel comfortable showing it off. At least thatís one explanation. You need to speak to her some more so that you can find out exactly what it is she is objecting to, because from my point of view I canít see that you are doing anything wrong, but of course I havenít heard her side of the story.

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