How can I have the sex that he wants?
Image My husband and I have been together for going on a little over 5 yrs. We married in May of last year. The sex issue is becoming more and more of an issue. I shower we have oral and if its not enough oral for him he complains while having sex and then gets soft blaming that I did not get him hard enough. My problem is I shower, we have oral then sex then I shower again and he says without sex he feels we are not connecting. All the while sex is good just it is the same old story whether I am in the mood I try to make him feel connected all the while I am not connected to him that way while having sex, I more than less feel like I have to act in a fashion of a sex porn so he gets off. What can I do to get excited in order to have the sex he wants so I can stop hearing in my ear all the time; "I am horny and I need to feel connected to you"?

Image Iím a bit confused by your question. Whatís all this showering about? Does he demand that you shower so often or is that something that you feel the need to do? Iím all for being clean, but sex neednít be connected to so much cleanliness, unless one of you has a fetish of some sort. My other question to you is, do you have orgasms when having sex? If you donít, and thatís my impression, then I can understand your hesitancy to want to have sex.

To be honest, I donít really know or understand enough about your entire situation to be of much help. For example, I donít know how old you are, especially him. Without the necessary information, I canít really give you much advice. You could write back, but since this situation seems a bit complicated, you might meet with more success if you met with a sex therapist.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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