Where does female ejaculation come from?
Image Where does Female Ejaculation come from? I have been wondering if it comes from my vagina or does it come out of the Urethra like Male ejaculation? Is it the same as urine? It smells a lot like chlorinated water. And my final question is how much is normal for female ejaculant...3-5 oz. too much?

Image If you could answer those questions, maybe they’d give you a prize. You see the medical community has never found any proof of female ejaculation. Now I get enough people writing to me about them that I can’t deny they exist, but I can’t answer your questions because no one actually knows. So there is no “normal” because these ejaculations remain somewhat mysterious. My advice to you would be to enjoy the sensations but don’t worry about the details.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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