I'm having a hard time achieving orgasm and it's getting really tiring for both of us
Image I am 22 years old and have been having oral sex for about a year now, and sex for about 2-3 months.. When I masturbate, I usually come within 5-10 mins, and can masturbate 5 times a day without making a deal out f it, 6 being the maximum. When my gf gives me handjobs also I come within 5-7 mins. But when she blows me, it takes around 10-15 mins and that too with combined hand action. Itís really tiring for her. On top of that, when we have sex, I can go on for 15-20 mins without ejaculation, and she usually has to jerk me off after around 15 mins or so of sex. Itís really frustrating and tiring. And because of that, we have lost interest in sex and now usually go for oral sex or handjobs 4 me/ fingering 4 her. Please HELP...

Image You say that you masturbate five times a day ďwithout making a deal of itĒ but the evidence proves you wrong. First, youíve made yourself so used to the stimulation of masturbation that you have problems having an orgasm in other ways, because even during oral sex you say your girlfriend needs to use her hands to give you an orgasm. And then you masturbate so often that youíre not that excited when you have actual intercourse so that now you and your girlfriend are avoiding it. It doesnít really matter how people get their sexual satisfaction, so if the two of you were perfectly content with just masturbating each other, I would say not to worry about it. But the fact that you wrote to me and asked for help shows that youíre not satisfied with the way youíre having sex. And so whatís the logical solution? Stop masturbating so much. Try to keep yourself more in need of sexual satisfaction by masturbating less often, a lot less often actually, and then see if your sex life with your girlfriend doesnít improve. If you can stop yourself, let me know what happens. If you canít stop yourself, then you have a bigger problem and you should go to see a psychologist.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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