I am 16 and am engaged to a 22 year old and get only have an orgasm when I'm on top
Image Dr. Ruth, Iím 16 and engaged to a wonderful person. Heís 22 and our sex life is amazing but I can only have an orgasm if Iím on top. I had an orgasm the other day through foreplay but that was because we had a porn movie on. What should I do?

Image Do you realize that in just about every state in the nation, a 16 year old having sex with a 22 year old is illegal? Now some of these laws are ridiculous, like when itís legal for a 17-year old boyfriend to have sex with his 16-yer old girlfriend, but when he turns 18, itís no longer legal. But while a part of these laws are based on nonsense, thereís also a part that based on common sense. A 16-year old young woman is not fully developed when it comes to having sex. Most young women your age who are having sex are not fully enjoying the experience. Actually that you can have orgasms while on top puts you ahead of the game, and you neednít worry about it because Iíd bet that as time goes by and you mature a little, youíll find other ways to have orgasms (though you should know that most women cannot have an orgasm from intercourse alone in the missionary position.) But to me, and I admit to being old fashioned, your questions shows why a 16-year old shouldnít be in such a serious relationship with a 22-year old. Itís not the six years of age separation that is the main problem as the fact that youíre still a bit young to be in such a serious relationship. You should be focusing on other matters as youíre still learning about a lot of things in school and in life, and so should not be so focused on your sex life with your fiancť.

Now I know youíre not going to break up with him or stop having sex with him because of what I say. But if youíll take any advice from me, I would hope it would be to take a deep breath and slow down. Donít rush into leading a fully adult life. It will come soon enough but for now try to enjoy being 16.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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