I don't know how to be creative with sex
Image I really have no idea how to be creative with sex or anything of that nature. It's equally difficult because I'd have sex every day if I could, but I couldn't tell you why this issue is! Other than him working at night, me going to school AND working.. I've never been really an affectionate person. Can you HELP me?

Image I guess I donít quite get the question. Are you saying that your sex life is boring, that when you have sex you and your partner always do it the same way? But since you say you want to have sex, that would mean that youíre not really dissatisfied with your sex life so maybe you donít need to change anything at all. Youíre both very busy, probably have to squeeze sex into your schedule, and that doesnít leave much time or opportunity to be more creative. Thatís perfectly understandable and I would advise you not to worry about it. Maybe at some point the two of you will have more time and can be more creative. What you also might do is make dates to have sex once in a while that will be something special. That way you can focus on the one day, which is maybe a month off, and not have to worry each time you have sex that youíre not being creative enough. And for that one day, the two of you should plan ahead how itís going to be different. After all, two heads are better than one. Letís say you go to a bed and breakfast or motel one of these times to change the place. Another time you try a sexual position youíve never attempted before. Another time you use body paints to decorate yourselves. Just simple tricks to change things a bit, and see if that helps.

Now Iíve given you an answer to your question, but the one thing you said that confused me a bit was that youíre not really an affectionate person. Iím not sure how that plays into your question, and if my answer is far off the mark because I didnít factor in that part of your question when answering, then please write me again.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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