I am 16 and I am having a hard time getting aroused at all
Image Hi, Iím a teenager (16 yrs old) and Iím having a problem getting aroused and having a good orgasm. Itís hard for me to even get horny. I donít understand. So far I have been like this for a week, but normally Iím always very horny. It confuses me because Iím a teenager and usually teens are horny like I used to be. I have GAD (general anxiety disorder) but its never effected my sex drive until now. Please help me.

Image If you have general anxiety disorder, then that means you worry about minor things excessively. And if thereís one thing we know is that worrying about sex will play havoc with having sex. You have to be fairly worry free in order to fully enjoy sex. So it seems that you have focused your worries on your sexuality and that is what is causing the problem.

I donít know enough about your condition to say how to overcome this. Normally I would tell you to get some erotic literature, focus on that, pushing aside your worries, and see what happens. But perhaps with GAD that is not possible for you to do. And since I donít know the answer, my advice is to ask the doctor who diagnosed you and is treating you.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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