My girlfriend lets me lick and kiss her butt but won't let me penetrate it
Image My girlfriend lets me lick and kiss and rub my face all over her butt and anus and she seems to really enjoy it. She seems to be turned on by it. However, if my finger gets near, she pulls away and stops me. Is she wanting anal sex (penile penetration) or does she just like the oral part of it? I don't know how to read her because she is very quiet and passive about it. I would like to further explore our sexual relationship & am very interested in trying new things but I don't know where to go from here. It bothers me when she stops me or doesn't like something I try but I like being adventurous & would like to do more if she is into it. How can I learn to better pick up on my girl's signals?

Image Your question leaves me dumbfounded. How could you possibly think that she wants to have anal sex with your penis when she wonít let you touch her with your finger? Canít you see that she is saying loud and clear that she doesnít mind, may even enjoy having you pay attention to her buttocks but that she doesnít want her anus penetrated, by your finger or anything else? Other than writing you a letter, I donít see how she could be any clearer.

Iím not exactly sure why people have an easier time having sex with each other than talking about it, but itís certainly true. So while you might think that she would simply engage you in a conversation about her feelings about anal sex, people do have problems talking about such subject matter and so you two are fumbling around the subject rather than addressing it in a conversation. The best thing you could do is to try to engage her in conversation about your sex life. But if not, try writing her a note about it. Maybe that will be easier on both of you.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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