How do you wash the vagina?
Is there another way to wash the female vagina or is douching the only way? I'm not sure if I heard this correctly or not, but I thought I heard that a woman could wash out the inside of her vagina with her finger and water when sheís taking a shower. She could use one finger and wash out her vagina in a circular motion like sheís washing out a cup? Is the true or false? Lately my girlfriend has been having a bad smell when I go down to do oral sex on her. Iím also wondering is the smell is from inside her vagina or from the outside? She tells me that before we go out on a date, she washes the outside really well, but by the end of the night when we have sex, her vagina has the bad odor. She likes to drink before having sex, so she urinates a lot during the night before having sex, could that also cause the smell? I guess this is a two part question, how to wash and what causes the smell?

Actually itís a one part question because the smell probably has nothing to do with washing and everything to do with an infection. Some vaginal infections cause a bad odor and what she has to do is go to her gynecologist for an examination. All the washing in the world wonít cure the smell if she has a vaginal infection. And douching is the worst thing she could do. Gynecologists tell women they should never douche, but thatís doubly true if a woman has an infection, because the act of douching could push the infection further into her body, through the cervix and into the uterus, and that could lead to severe complications. And douching can, in fact, lead to an infection. A womanís vagina has both good and bad bacteria, and the good bacteria generally keep the bad bacteria in check. But douching can kill so many of the good bacteria, that the bad bacteria can develop a stronger foothold and so multiply and cause an infection to occur. (The same phenomenon can occur when a woman takes antibiotics for something other than a vaginal infection, such as to combat acne.) So this smell means that she has a vaginal infection and needs to see a doctor to get the proper treatment.

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