I'm 14 and my 13 year old girlfriend wants me to have sex but...
mosimage} Ok, so Iím 14, my girlfriend is 13 and she really wants to have sex and I do too but Iím scared Iíll get her pregnant and Iím not really big down there. Iím confused. Any ideas on what to do?

Image Nobody, male or female, should have sex under pressure and it certainly sounds to me that you are being pressured into having sex, even though itís something that you want too. After all there are many things that Iím sure you want. Iím sure youíd love to drive a car, but you know youíre not ready. And itís the same thing with sex. Why wouldnít you try to drive a car right now, before you got your license? Because youíd be scared that if you got into an accident you would be in a lot of trouble. You might even injure someone and have to go to jail. Well, if you caused your girlfriend to get pregnant, you both would be in a lot of trouble. Thatís one important reason for young people to wait. The older you are, the better able you are to handle this sort of trouble. At your ages, this trouble might change the direction of your entire life, and not in a direction that you would want.

And no matter what age someone is, if theyíre confused about whether or not to have sex, the decision should be not to have sex. I know there are people who take this decision lightly, but in my opinion it should never be a decision to be taken lightly. When having sex matters so little that itís like brushing your teeth, then it loses a lot of its impact, both physically and emotionally. I think itís better to keep sex special so that it remains an important act that two people share. There is going to come a time when youíre going to be certain that having sex with a certain someone is the right thing to do. Maybe youíll be a few years older and madly in love with that someone, or maybe youíll be in your 20s and just married. Whenever that happens, youíll know the time is right for you. And from what youíre telling me, that time hasnít arrived yet.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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