Am I Too Old to Be Inexperienced?

ImageI'm a 28 year old virgin and have just recently been kissed for the first time. I feel that I'm way too old to be so inexperienced. I am uncomfortable and very nervous when I'm with a man. I'm so embarrassed. What can I do?


Image The main reason you are embarrassed is because you are making assumptions. The first is that this fellow who kissed you knows you are a virgin. If you don't tell him, he may never find out. The second is that he wouldn't like it if he knew. While that's possible, it also possible that he would find it a very attractive feature. So stop jumping to conclusions and just let yourself go with the flow. In our society it's still up to the man to lead, so you don't have to initiate anything and can just respond to him depending on how you feel. And don't feel that you have to give up your virginity to this man just because he's available and you're 28. If you don't love him, I would recommend not having sex. With the media focusing so much attention on sex, I know it can be difficult not to feel a part of the sexual revolution, but in the long run, it's more important to be true to your own values. So let this relationship develop as slowly as you want and only take it to the next level when you feel you are ready. Just because he is the first man to kiss you doesn't automatically mean that he is Mr. Right.

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She can't orgasm
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