After 2 years he doesn't want to have sex with me
Image OK So we've been together for two years now. The sex has never been an everyday thing for him. I have a high sex drive. We don't have sex anymore and it's not like I'm not open about it; I ask he says no. He's always got an excuse, He's tired, his back hurts, etc. I am 31 years old and he is 35. He tells me he loves me but sleeps on the couch due to his "bad back" most nights. The affection has gone out the window. He has a large collection of Playboy's and a few porn dvd's. I have no problem with this normally, however He has no problem working out tension to porn. So, I know he has a sex drive, I have even invited him to watch it with me and he will not stating that "it's something you do alone". It just seems to me that he would rather masturbate than have sex. Help, what do I do to save this relationship? I love him very much otherwise I would have broken up with him over this a long time ago.

Image To me it sounds like you have a normal sex drive, not a high one, and he does too, since he masturbates, but he doesnít want to have sex with you, to the point of sleeping on the couch. So you need to discover the reason why heís acting this way. Perhaps he doesnít think heís a good enough lover. Or else heís afraid of getting you pregnant. I canít guess what it is, but in my opinion you have to find out, and very soon, otherwise you have to leave him. This situation is not going to improve on its own and youíre not getting any younger, so if you want to get married and have a family and have a sexual relationship with your future husband, you either need to fix this relationship or move on. I know that you love him, but sometimes thatís not enough of a reason to stay together. You are capable of loving someone else who hopefully will want to have sex with you.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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