I had a nosebleed and went deaf/numb after an orgasm
Image A couple of nights ago my husband and I were in the middle of a "session" and during climax, I got a nosebleed. It's never happened before so is that something i should be worried about? Also, is it normal to go "numb and deaf" after having an orgasm?

Image Iím fairly amazed that you would worry more about a nosebleed than going numb and deaf after an orgasm. Nosebleeds happen and usually mean nothing more than the inside of your nose is very dry. If you regularly had nosebleeds only when you had an orgasm, I would be concerned and would send you to see a doctor, but for a one time event, I think you can put this out of your mind. But if you regularly go numb and deaf after orgasms, that does sound worrisome. Numb is a very broad term, plus Iím not a medical doctor, so itís impossible for me to comment. Deaf sounds serious, but is it for a few seconds or longer? If itís a matter of a few seconds after a very strong orgasm, that might not be something to be concerned about. However if the numbness and deafness was something that lasted more than that, Iíd go to see a doctor. It might be an indication of something more serious that should be checked out, though I donít have a clue what that might be and am only suggesting you ask a doctor because I donít want to say itís nothing when I could be wrong.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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