22 years of marriage has ended
Image 22 years of marriage has ended. He never wanted to touch me gently. It was always to the point of pain. Then in the last 6 yrs anal sex become the big player sexually. I hated it and it hurt. But I let him, because I wanted to satisfy him. I always submitted because I thought that is what wives did. Submit to your husband. Now he has moved away. Has a girl friend. I have the 4 kids and no job. I wish I saw it coming sooner. I wish I did not love him so much. I wish he loved me. I wish he loved our kids. He doesn't even call, Been gone for 9 months. Why do I still pine for him? I should be over him. He is not even good looking. I sound silly but I hate the fact I let him hurt me and do it for so long. Help me.

Image I feel badly for you but youíre a perfect example of why nobody, man or woman, should stay in a relationship when there are so many problems. It was probably inevitable that the relationship would end, and so not only did you have to suffer for so long, but you also gave up the opportunity to spend at least part of that time with someone who loved you.

You canít forget what happened, but you can keep yourself from dwelling on the past and take action to head into a new future. So when thoughts of this man crop up, push them out. And do whatever it takes to find a new partner. Just be careful that this new man doesnít fall into the same category as the first one did.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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