Having a Relationship with a Married Man
Image I would very much appreciate your view on the situation I found myself. I have been dating a married man for more than two years. When we started our relationship he has been married for 15 years, without children. He claimed to have a good wife, but would not be sexually attracted by her. Despite him being married, our relationship was very intense and we met every day, including weekends. At the beginning of our affair things were turbulent and while we broke up he had another affair. I gave him another chance, but remained skeptical. This led to several other arguments, in the meantime his wife found out for us and insisted to have a baby. She also had an affair in the meantime. They have a baby now, but he is not happy and continues contacting me. Would you think their marriage is a good one and can last and what, in you view, position should I take?

Image If there was a word to describe this situation it would be “messy.” To put it mildly. My advice to you is to get away from this guy as fast as possible. I don’t see any good coming out of it. He’s probably using you, and the wife and the other woman, and why would you want to be in this mess? Go find yourself a man who wants to be all yours. So make a clean break of it and get your own life in order and leave this guy to his mess.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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