Our Orgasms Don't Seem to "Measure Up" Anymore
Image My wife and I have been married for two months and we have both had no problems having orgasms. A little while ago, we had sex and she had a very intense orgasm and it was great for me and especially her, but we've tried to replicate it, but everything seems to be at a 5-7 out of 10... What can we do to help?

Image My suggestion is to change your scale. Before she had this intense orgasm, you would have said that your orgasms were a 9-10. But once you experienced this special orgasm, suddenly what seemed to be perfectly delightful orgasms dropped down to a 5-7. Psychologically thatís damaging because itís making you dissatisfied with perfectly good orgasms. So why not rate that special one a 12 or even a 15, so that your regular orgasms can resume being 9s and 10s. As to repeating that 12, my guess is that the harder you try, the more unlikely that it will happen. So just put it out of your mind, and if it happens again, great, and if not, just enjoy your sex life as it is.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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