Sex After 52 Years of Marriage
Image We have been married 52 years. sex ended 20 years ago, his idea. I miss it, he has stopped drinking which is a good thing but we need help. Is it too late? What should we do besides talk, try viagra, etc?

Image You ask what you should do besides talk, but talking has to be the first step. Assuming his drinking was the cause of the problem, is he now willing to try again? If he is, and he remains sober, he may not need Viagra. So that should be your first approach. If heís willing and canít, then he should see a doctor. Itís never too late, but you both have to put some effort into it. Twenty years of no sex is a long time and getting your sex life started again is going to take some time and patience. Good luck.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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