Our Sex Life Was Fine Until We Moved In Together
ImageMy boyfriend and I decided he move in with me and 3 months ago he did. Before moving in we had a very active sex life, however, it completely stopped when he moved in. We have come to the conclusion that it may be impotence (he is almost 50, I am in my early 40's) however, he has been reluctant to seek help. I understand his embarrassment and pride, and I have been supportive, but I found myself going into a deep depression because we had planned on marriage and possibly a baby in the near future. When I approach him about the situation he now says that I make it worse for him when I bring it up, and that I am trying to rush him into seeing a doctor.

I feel like I am getting the short end of the stick because this was the first time I ever let a man live with me, and as soon as I did, all the intimacy stopped and I feel alone and alienated. It has gotten to the point that I am starting to resent him for not being willing enough to at least see a doctor. I find myself very emotional and in tears everyday because of this. I have read lots of information about impotence, and when I try to give him information about it he doesn't want to hear it. I want to continue to stand by him, but at the same time, if he is not seeking help, and I am still single, why am I waiting?? Do I sound like a rotten person?

Image Iím wondering whether this idea of having a child is the main problem. Itís already pretty late for you, but he may be saying to himself, at my age I donít want the responsibility of having a child to raise and thatís what is causing his inability to have sex with you. Impotence from medical causes usually doesnít happen from one day to the next but is rather a gradual process. Psychological impotence, on the other hand, could certainly suddenly appear. So why donít you have a serious talk with him about the issue of having a child. If heís totally against it, and you desperately want one, then you should break up. Otherwise, maybe you can work out a compromise.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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