June 5, 2009 - An Unlikely Date Spot

Image If you’re planning a romantic evening with your partner, I know what's probably going through your mind. “Where’s the most buzzed-about place in town? Who has the best wine list, the most well-known chef, and of course, the most forgiving lighting?”

This weekend, revisit your notion of what makes a great date. Instead of booking a table at the hottest place, why not plan a romantic evening at home?

I know what you’re going to say. “But Dr. Ruth, I can’t cook!” or “Dr. Ruth, my apartment is too small!” Almost anyone can make this work, even on a limited budget.

Here are my tips for having a fabulous dinner date at home:

1. Get your home looking nice and feeling comfortable. This is obvious, but don’t overlook it. Is everything neat and tidy? Are all the dishes put away? Did you remember to schedule a babysitter? Nothing will ruin date night at home faster than a cluttered kitchen and a screaming toddler, so call your sitter a few days in advance.

2. All nice events need a proper invitation – your dinner date night included! Even if you live with the person, this little extra step can make the dinner something they’ll look forward to. You can send the invitation to their office, leave it on the bed, or even send a romantic Evite for a two-person dinner party.

Image 4. Lastly, finalize a menu a few days ahead of time. Make your shopping list, and get to the store the night before. Unless you’re a true pro in the kitchen, keep the menu simple, and stick to recipes you’ve cooked before.

5. The next list to make? A playlist, of course! Put some time into picking some fabulous music that you and your date will both enjoy.

What are your ideas for creating a romantic night at home? Tell me on Twitter at @askdrruth!

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