How do I get my boyfriend to want sex?
Image I live with my boyfriend and we have been together for six years. It seems that with each year, I have less and less sex.

We are both 40 and I have asked him what his problem is and he never gives me a real answer. Only I will work at it. Then I feel as if he only wants it when he is in the mood. I am so fed up with this behavior that I am thinking about leaving the relationship. If I wanted a roommate I would have moved in with one. What is wrong with him?

ImagePerhaps if you’d invested less time in this relationship the best thing to do would have been to just move on, but after so much time, it seems to me that you should make somewhat more of an effort to see what is really going on. And the best way to do that is to make an appointment with a marital or relationship therapist. Will he go with you the first time? I don’t know, but in going, you will definitely have served him with the message that this is a serious issue that he has to deal with, but in a positive way, not by threatening to leave him. If he refuses to go, and refuses to change, then you will have to leave him, but at least you’ll know that you will have made a good faith effort to save the relationship. And who knows, maybe you can save it, so it’s definitely worth the attempt.


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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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