Is it really cheating?
Image I have a really close friend that I am attracted to. Recently our phone conversations have turned hot and heavy.

He masturbated while I spoke to him. At first, I didn't realize what happened, and I realized that I was aroused myself. Shortly afterward, I masturbated as well. I now look forward to his calls because I actually enjoy the pleasure. The bad part is that I am married and my question is: Is this actually cheating on my husband? I have never had sex with him because we are in different states. What do you think?

ImageOf course it’s cheating. If you’re masturbating while talking to this man, I’m sure that you’re not having as much sex with your husband, separating from him physically. Plus, you’re falling for this man and so you’re separating yourself from your husband emotionally too. There’s no up side to this affair, and that’s what it is. Now if you want to leave your husband for this man, that’s up to you. But you shouldn’t be cheating on your husband so either you stop these phone calls or ask for a separation.


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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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