Could she be pregnant?
Image I had dry sex with my girlfriend with all my clothes on. I was wearing pajamas and boxers and she was wearing jeans and underwear.  I ejaculated in my shorts and my clothes got wet. There was a small spot on my girlfriend's jeans as well, about half a finger away from where her vagina is. Now, two weeks later, my girlfriend has not gotten her period (3-4 days late). Is she pregnant?

Also, my girlfriend had resumed her medication for thyroid from past month or so and in between these two weeks a fire broke out at her place. So, she has been stressed out mentally and physically as well. Kindly help solve this problem for us. Thank you.

ImageSince I don’t necessarily answer questions within a few days of receiving them, your friend probably already has the answer to this question, which is that she is not pregnant. The reason is that the ejaculate is made up of lots of ingredients, a small portion of which are sperm. While the liquid part may pass through clothing, the sperm are going to get filtered out when you are talking about so many layers of clothing. So practicing dry sex is absolutely safe even if some wetness shows up on her clothes. If he’d gotten some sperm on his finger and later put his finger into her vagina, there would be a small chance of causing a pregnancy, but just because her jeans, not even her panties, got a little wet poses no risk at all.


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