Why does it take so long for me to become aroused?
ImageI am 48 and LOVE sex. My husband and I have sex just about every night. However, it takes a good hour (no exaggerating) to get me aroused. I have several vibrators, but most are not strong enough. I will not get the name correct, but it is from Adam and Eve, and it is a large stick-type vibrator with a head on it that plugs in. It is very powerful. and it is the only one that will do anything for me. It still takes a while. I am not menopausal. I think I am pre-menopausal though. I have tried viagra for women (no luck). This is so frustrating because I read in Penthouse letters that there are so many women that you can basically just look at and they come. Okay maybe not look at, but they can even get themselves off. Any suggestions of what I can do? I asked my doctor and she said live with it.

ImageThe problem with vibrators is that you can get hooked on their strong sensations. You’re 48, but you don’t say for how long you’ve had this problem, or whether you began using vibrators because of it, or if you were using them before.  I can understand that having it take an hour to become aroused is going to put a damper on your sex life as your husband is going to get tired. But you need to wean yourself off of the vibrator as well, so here’s my suggestion. Use the vibrator, but when you begin to feel aroused, see if your husband can’t substitute a part of his body for the vibrator to bring you to orgasm. Perhaps, slowly, you can begin to require the vibrator less and less. If you can’t do without the vibrator, then you can’t. At least you can become aroused with the assistance of a vibrator, which is better than not being able to become aroused at all. But make an attempt to cut down and see what happens.

By the way, there is no version of Viagra for women, and the letters in Penthouse aren’t from real people, but made up so don’t compare yourself to these fictional characters.


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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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