March 27, 2009 - Wrap it Up

As much as I am an advocate of the act of sex, I am even more of an advocate of SAFE sex.


Nothing allows you to throw your bedroom inhibitions and insecurities to the wind like feeling safe and protected.

Liven up your SAFE sex life with a French Letter condom. This is an accessory for safe sex.

French Letter has addressed and corrected all of the unappealing factors of the standard condom. Instead of that rubbery odor, French Letter condoms are vanilla and passion fruit-scented. Instead of muted physical pleasure, French Letter condoms are studded for stimulation. They also have a potency ring for performance enhancement.

So, wrap it up and get some (safely of course).

For more information on French Letter condoms, please visit:

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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