How do we solve our sexual differences?
ImageI have been dating a man for about the past 4 months. We usually have sex at least once a day, but we are having a few problems. The first is according to him, I have a bigger sex drive than he does because if I want to have sex more than once a day, he says he is too tired. But when he was with his last girlfriend, they would do it sometimes 5 or 6 times in a day just because they were bored. I'm wondering if maybe he only does it once with me because he's saving it up for later (he often goes out to bars where the waitresses hit on him so that's kind of questionable).The other problem is, whenever he pulls out to orgasm, nothing comes out. So I'm not sure if either he is just pulling out too late and all the cum is just going inside of me, or if he has a problem from us having sex every day. He's not very old. He's only 21 years old and according to him, I look perfect so I don't think me not turning him on is the problem (unless he is lying about that).

ImageUsually it’s women who report faking orgasms, but I wonder whether he’s the one doing the faking. Obviously he can’t fake obtaining an erection, but maybe after a while he decides that he no longer wants to continue, pretends to have an orgasm and withdraws, which is why you don’t notice any sign of his ejaculation. I also wonder whether he’s lying, or at least exaggerating when he says he and his previous girlfriend were having sex five or six times a day.

Now you feel that he may be having sex outside the relationship, and yet you’re not using condoms, so if he is cheating, then you’re putting yourself at risk for a sexually transmitted disease. So that’s something that you need to address.

I’m in favor of having sex, but it would seem that your relationship is based on nothing else but sex. If you’re not having sex more than once a day, then you’re dissatisfied with the relationship. That, to me, is not a good sign. Maybe the two of you should plan other activities, and if there’s still time for sex, great, but try to broaden your horizons a bit and maybe you won’t think that your sex life is deficient in some way. Having sex out of boredom is not good for a relationship, (I know that was with his other girlfriend, but it does seem to apply to you two as well) so make sure that you stimulate each other in other ways.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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