October 7, 2008 - Libations for your Libido

Sip your way to a sky-high libido at Chinatown's newest apothecary-themed cocktail lounge in Manhattan. Apotheke boasts a list of over 250 specialty cocktails separated into categories like health and beauty, stimulants and most importantly, aphrodisiacs.

Apotheke once served as a Chinatown opium den, but after a full makeover, has reopened as the sexy, little cocktail lounge it is. The menu features a few originals with a twist like a margarita with himalayan pink salt or a sidecar infused with truffles. However, if you're feeling more exotic, sample the house-brewed absinthe infused with opium leaves and herbs. Whatever your drink of choice may be, consider yourself warned that sipping may result in strong sexual urge.

Apotheke is located at 9 Doyers St., near Pell St. For more information on apotheke, visit Apothekebar.com.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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