May 29, 2008 - Not Just for Tourists

When considering a first date locale, most urban dwellers will scoff at the thought of a chain or touristy restaurant. Why go for T.G.I. Friday's when you can sip your cocktail in an intimate hideaway that only the locals know about? I'll tell you why: Intimate, very quiet dining on the first date can put out the flame faster than you can finish your first course.

For an urbanite, taking your date to a chain restaurant may be a faux pas, but it certainly sets your date apart from the rest. It also stimulates conversation. Discuss the tourists at the neighboring table. Reminisce about your favorite chains growing up or the first time you visited that tourist trap.

Your date will expect the wining and dining at the French bistro. They will not expect the most touristy restaurant in the city with all its noise and commotion. Schedule your next date for dinner at a chain or tourist destination. Your date will be so thrown off that they will be amused.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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