May 22, 2008 - Romeo, Oh Romeo

For a romantic boost in your life, who better to teach you a thing or two than Romeo and Juliet? Well, unfortunately, their tragic destiny prevents them from sharing their romance secrets.

However, the ladies of Montague & Capulet are alive and eager to give you a tip: Sleep in something sexy. Montague & Capulet is a luxury linen brand that reinvents classic old world motifs and adds a more playful poetic dimension with edgy, romantic styling.

Their philosophy is that linens should be enchanting to the eye, but also for nourishing the heart and soul. Their goal is to inspire love and bring back the idea of a fairytale. How is that for romantic?

Select from 400-thread-count sateen or Egyptian cotton sheets with patterns of fleur de lis or Montague and Capulet's coat of arms to name a few. You'll feel so sexy between these sheets that the romance will be pouring out of the boudoir.

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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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