May 21, 2008 - Daytime Dating

Not everyone has the same schedule anymore. So how is say a journalist who must hit the hay early to be at work at 4 a.m. the next day supposed to date a chef who leaves work around 3 a.m.?

Your job and your love life may run into some scheduling conflicts. So what if your dating life does not consist of the traditional dinner and a movie?

Find ideas for day dates that will match the romance of a candlelit dinner. The San Francisco Botanical Garden is a vibrant oasis in the midst of the bustling city that will get the sparks flying. Walk hand in hand through a romantic garden tour and peruse the Coast Redwoods and 100 species of plants on your own.

For a special date, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society offers a garden and winery tour. A Perfect Summer Day in the Sonoma Wine Country. guides you through the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens and the Matanzas Creek Winery. Lunch, refreshments at the winery and tour are included in the entry fee. The tour begins at 8 a.m. on June 12. For more information on this unconventional, yet hopelessly romantic date idea, visit


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She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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