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My husband works 12 hour days and sex is usually a "no-go"
My girlfriend is 52 and I buy sexy lingerie for her from time to time. Am I wrong?
How can I have the sex that he wants?
I have been married for 22 years and recently I had an affair
I don't know how to be creative with sex
I have a hard time maintaining an erection
My husband of 9 months isn't interested in sex
My boyfriend doesn't like to cuddle
My girlfriend lets me lick and kiss her butt but won't let me penetrate it
My husband will watch porn but he turns me down for sex
We have been dating for 3 years but haven't had sex in 9 months
My boyfriend really enjoys anal sex but I don't like it as much
We have been married for 22 years but my wife doesn't want to have sex
Is it safe to eat my own cum out of my wife's vagina?
I gave oral sex for the first time and my boyfriend produced a ton of semen
My boyfriend claims he doesn't want to have sex to avoid an unexpected pregnancy
After 2 years he doesn't want to have sex with me
I think I've located the G-Spot
My girlfriend cheated on me days before our anniversary
I'm 13 and my girlfriend wants to take things to the "next level"
I am having trouble getting aroused and having orgasms during sex
My wife has genital herpes and it's ruining our sex life
Shaving pubic hair
I'm a 13 year old dating a 40 year old
Worried about a distance relationship
It feels like my fiance is hitting a bone when we do rear entry positions
My husband wants me to have sex with another man
22 years of marriage has ended
I can only have an orgasm if I'm on top
I had an erotic dream about an ex-colleague and I feel guilty about it
Our sex life fell apart after I had a baby
I had an affair and the sex was better than with my husband
My boyfriend won't kiss me when he's sick but he still wants oral sex
Been with my boyfriend for 8 years but we have never had sex
I never usually wear makeup but my husband wants me to
I am involved with my married dance partner
Been married for 14 years and my wife has no sex drive
Cannot orgasm without using his hand
Having a Relationship with a Married Man
My boyfriend and I haven't had sex in 6 months
I have fantasies about threesomes with my husband and another woman
The sex has stopped after 6 years of being together
Can't orgasm after 7 years of marriage
I'm losing my attraction to my boyfriend after 5 years of dating
My wife has MS and I am too burned out to have sex
After 15 years of marriage I want a threesome.
At what point is pornography a problem?
We've been together for 10 years but rarely have sex
Our Orgasms Don't Seem to "Measure Up" Anymore
Why do my husband and I fight after sex?
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People, Places & Things That Make You Feel Sexy.
She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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