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I'm having a hard time achieving orgasm and it's getting really tiring for both of us
I only last 5 seconds...
Does bacteria infect my penis from anal sex?
Porn Stars
I can't seem to excite my girlfriend with my finger
How long do I wait before I tell a woman that I suspect she has Bacterial Vaginosis?
How do I coax my partner into performing more fellatio?
How do I tell her about her odor problem?
How do I tell her about her odor problem?
What if my inability to keep an erection ruins my relationship?
How do I get her back in the mood?
Why does my girlfriend put me down?
I want to attend my brother's bachelor party, but my wife is very much against strip clubs.
Is it inappropriate to ask my co-worker out?
How can I last longer?
Why won't my partner allow me to please her?
I'm Still A Virgin Because Of My Teenie Weenie
Why Can't I Last As Long Without A Condom?
Does Anal Sex = A Loose Anus?
My girlfriend begs for oral sex, but I can't stand the taste!
How do I curb my addiction to sex?
How can I achieve orgasm through oral sex?
Why am I not having any luck?
Should we have only protected sex?
Could I have HIV?
Do I need to use a larger condom?
Why can't my husband ejaculate?
Is it possible to have a wet dream and not remember it?
Why can't I maintain an erection when having sex with a partner?
How do I help my wife orgasm?
Why won't she express her love physically?
How can I control premature ejaculation?
Can you suggest a larger condom?
Why does wearing a condom cause pre-ejaculation?
Will she be disappointed by my size?
No Sex For 6 Months And Desparate
How Can I Bring My Girlfried To Orgasm?
How can I express my desire for more physical intimacy?
What is considered dangerous flirting?
I can only get an erection from pornography. Help!
Why do I always lose my erection?
How can I get my roommate to like me or how can I get over her?
How do I sexually satisfy my wife if I can't last very long?
My wife has lost interest in me sexually and will not communicate. What should I do?
Why can't I become erect unless I'm receiving oral sex or masturbating?
Should I forgive my cheating girlfriend of three years?
How can I perform my favorite sexual position with my lady?
Will a woman definitely get pregnant if I ejaculate inside her?
Should I give up one-night stands?
How Can I Let Go of Her Past?
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People, Places & Things That Make You Feel Sexy.
She can't orgasm
She can't orgasm
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