June 19, 2009 - A Bedroom Makeover

Answer this honestly – how is your bedroom looking these days? If you have to move mountains of clothes to find your bed each night, or tiptoe around piles of newspapers just to get to your closet, it might be time to think about revamping your boudoir.

Many couples find that disorganization creates tension, especially if it’s in the bedroom. “Clutter literally does steal energy, and can be a big distraction,” said organizational guru Julie Morgenstern. “For the person whose clutter it is, it’s very hard to relax. For the person whose clutter it is not, it’s not inviting. A bedroom needs to look like you’re excited to be with the other person.”

Julie says that just like your relationship, you need to put some effort into making it a relaxing place to be. No matter who is making the clutter, cleaning up should be a task couples tackle together. “Because it’s a shared space, the system should be designed to work for both of you,” said Julie. “You have to negotiate things together, and set up a system that’s designed to work for both of you.”

Julie recommended that couples invest in some attractive containers. “The key is to catch the chaos where it lands. If one person loves to read, get a bedside table that stores books and papers efficiently,” said Julie. “Or, get a storage bench for the foot of the bed. Things can be all over the place, but a bench lets you pick items up and cover them up quickly.”

If you have kids, keep your bedroom free of “kid clutter.” She advised, “if you have the luxury of space, keep the kid’s toys out of the bedroom. To maintain intimacy with your partner, keep your bedroom off limits. Make it your domain.”

In the end, de-cluttering is all about improving the energy of the space, and giving more room for romance to blossom. “Cleaning up the bedroom gives more room for connection. Instead of energy going to the mess, it’s there to give to each other, and to relaxation,” said Julie.

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