May 29, 2009 - Lather Up!

Image Have you been dreaming of giving your bathroom a makeover? Even if you don't have the budget (or time) to remodel, here are some simple ways to get your bathroom feeling brand-spanking new.

The first thing to do? Simplify! Nothing clutters a bathroom faster than old makeup and bath products. Do an inventory of your cosmetics box, and toss out items that are old, sticky, or just starting to lose their "oomph" factor. Here's a comprehensive guide of expiration dates for common cosmetics, at

Image Next, get organized. To give your bathroom a classic, old-school look without spending a fortune, take a peek at Pottery Barn's new Classic Glass Bath Accessories. Each canister and glass accessory is made by hand, and are neutral enough to mix in almost with any decor.

Image Then, it's time for the least fun (but most important) part of the makeover. Give your tub a good scrub with one of my favorite aromatherapeutic products -- Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Surface Scrub. Not only does it blast away grimy gunk on your tub, it's a non-scratching natural abrasive that comes in yummy flavors like Basil, Lavender, and Geranium.

What are your ideas for making your home feel sexy and beautiful? Tell me on Twitter!

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