March 30, 2007 - Too Much of a Good Thing?

Alcohol, tobacco, fatigue... after a night of indulging in social pleasures (or for those unfortunate souls that were actually working late), your face says it all, and we could all use a little help.

Nickel (the French slang for 'squeaky clean') offers a cutting-edge facial tonic whose formula is unique. The Morning After Rescue-Gel is essential for those mornings when waking up is grueling.

Its natural wheat and soybean-based proteins give your skin back its innate exuberance. Its biomechanical properties have a stretching and firming effect on your skin, while its Hamamelidacea (witch hazel) extract prevents circles and pouches under your weary eyes. Plus, the gel's caffeine and menthol-enriched, un-roasted coffee complex reactivates and stimulates your skin's natural processes all day.

Dr. Ruth recommends looking your best, no matter what trouble you found last night.


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She can't orgasm
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