Best/Worst Foods for Libido
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The intersection of food and sexuality transcends countless generations. Ever pictured scenes of couples reclined in a utopian landscape, delicately feeding one another grapes or sipping wine? It turns out that food may have a greater impact on sexuality than what was previously thought, but not necessarily the way that you’d expect.

“Eat This Not That!” contains a series of “do’s” and “do not’s” when it comes to food and sexuality. According to the author, America is on the verge of experiencing a ‘national sex crisis’ as a result of…you guessed it, our collectively fatty diet. In fact, weight and libido are inversely proportional which means that as those love handles grow, sex drive falls into relative obscurity. It doesn’t stop there, though. Obesity has been found to create a whole bounty of reproductive problems including damaged sperm and ovulation issues.

However, don’t freak out quite yet. The good news is that “Eat This Not That!” has just the dietary information you need to start increasing your sex drive and not your waist size.  Beware! The answers may surprise you. 

For instance, what could be more of a classic aphrodisiac than sharing a bottle of wine and a plate of oysters with that special someone? No so fast. Researchers discovered that a man must consume nearly 50 oysters to feel their sexually intensifying effects. As for the wine, more than one glass can cause your blood vessels to constrict and put a damper on your arousal.

Interested yet? Check out the book or take the "hot or not?" food quiz to put your knowledge of sexual cuisine to the test.

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